Wanted: Build Site for Tiny House!

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Almost 5 months after I stayed in my first Tiny House near Seattle and decided I would build my own, I have ordered my trailer and am now looking for a build site. In order to be able to afford to work on the build full-time I am staying with family, but their property is not suitable for building the tiny house on. So the search for a build site begins!

So what is a Tiny House? A Tiny House is like an RV, but instead of being designed for constantly moving, light-weight/transient living – they are designed to be lived in. This means quality finishes and smart living spaces that are simple but beautiful.

A Tiny House is an alternative living space which allows their owners to live simply when they don’t want to live in large houses. They are low cost (comparatively) and low impact on the environment. They also enable easy moving when you want to move – you can just tow the entire house to a new spot.

Tiny Houses are relatively new to Australia but have been growing in popularity on the west coast of the USA. There are not many companies in Australia that will build them for you so I am embarking on this project to build it myself. With help from friends and family 😊 And the first thing I need is some space to build it on.

What I am looking for is a space to build this which has:

  • Enough space to hold a 6.3m trailer chassis that is 2.5m wide and a structure on top that will be 4.3m tall

  • Additional space for a small trailer to house toolsIdeally, a location that is within daily driving distance of Wahroonga, SYDNEY (but am interested in all offers)

  • A location that is within driving distance of a Bunnings would be really helpful!Access to powerA roof (i.e. shed) for all this would be an absolute luxury, but not a requirement.

  • Availability from mid October 2015 till around late February 2016

This is what you can expect:

  • A bit of building noise during daylight hours for 4-5 months

  • Me and 1 or 2 other people to be working on it 5-6 days a week

  • First hand view of what it takes to build a tiny house

  • Transformation of trailer chassis to gorgeous Tiny HouseBarter with chores / odd jobs in exchange for space.

This is a really exciting project – Tiny Houses are just becoming interesting in Australia and this is a chance to watch one evolve first hand. Not to mention the warm/fuzzy feeling that will follow knowing you have helped get a new movement off the ground in Australia 😊

If you can’t help but can think of someone who might, please pass this on. If you think you can help out please drop me a line! Happy to chat about it if you want more information.

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