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About Me

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Passionate About Inspiring Others

My Tiny House and the work I put in to create it is always a talking point with anyone I meet. And talking about Tiny Living is one of my favourite topics! I have moved on from permanent full time work to consult in various areas, so it seems appropriate to add Tiny Living to the mix.

I'm a Digital Business Analyst, by trade, and I still work in this capacity remotely on a part time basis. I'm also a huge advocate for women in paragliding and I do some work for our paragliding association and local club. I'm MBA-qualified and have spent many years working for large corporates, but now I am using some of those skills to carve out a living in a beautiful place that inspires me.

I'm passionate about the Tiny Living movement - removing a lot of the excesses which a consumerist lifestyle has instilled in us creates so much space to explore the things that make us come alive. I have been able to practice the hobbies I love more (paragliding and mountain bike riding), create stronger connections with friends in my local community, give time to building my club in my local area, and focus on projects that I have always wanted to try but never had the time to. 

As a speaker at the inaugural Tiny House Festival in Bendigo in 2019, I was blown away by the number of people who attended. The community is filled with an energy that recognises there are more important things in life than working 60 hours a week for someone else's cause, or sitting in traffic for 10 hours a week. I am keen to help others make that leap, using my experience to assist.

  • Builder - nope

  • Architect - na-ah

  • Competent Googler - faster than lightning

  • Pragmatic Problem Solver - there's a solution for every problem

  • Sketch-Up Pro - am now

  • Tenacious Question asker - totally

  • Speaker - professional and inspiring, no formal qualifications required

Presenting to Year 11 Design & Tech Stud

Presenting to Year 11 Design & Technology Students

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