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Looking for a new SPOT

My current parking spot has been home to me for 6 years but it's time to move on and so I'm looking for my next home. Can you help?

About hosting my tiny house

I'm house-proud and like to keep my spot well-kept and frequently mown. I love to grow my own veggies and see a bit of colour in my flower pots. I work from home so I'm home quite a lot, which also means I keep an eye on the property and unusual visitors. I'm well-past partying and occasionally have friends pop around but you would definitely call me a quiet neighbour. I have a small dog who is contained by an e-collar so fencing not is required. He's a happy little Jack Russell who lets me know when someone approaches but does not bark when bored.

The main requirement for me is a flat spot to park the tiny house on, a bit of shade and a way to drive in that won't get too boggy in winter. I make my own power with solar panels (which sit on stands so I can put the house in the shade) and I treat my own waste - so no power or access to plumbing is required. Currently I take water from my landlord but I'd be happy to put a tank in and harvest my own if needed. I don't create much garbage but some space in your garbage bins would also be appreciated. My favourite way to unwind is to sit in my outdoor bathtub with a G&T so if a view is available that's a valued bonus! I currently rent some space in my landlord's shed for some camping and sports gear and would be happy to do the same at the next spot. My current landlord would be happy to provide a reference!

Hosting a tiny house supports local workers and takes some of the pressure off the property and long-term rental market. It also supports affordable living whilst bringing in a little extra income on your property.


Living in a tiny house is a deliberate lifestyle choice for me, allowing me to live simply and make more space for life. My current spot was my first go at tiny living and I am surprised at how much I love it. I am looking for a relatively long term arrangement - around 5 years would be ideal.

More about Tiny Living


Feel free to reach out and have a chat and ask any questions if you might be interested.

Use the Contact Form below (which helps me manage spam) and I'll respond as soon as I can.

Thanks for your interest!

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