The Realities of Tiny House Planning

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

How could it have been 2 months since I last blogged?! Or got up early and achieved progress on Tiny House planning?

2 months ago when I threw myself into Tiny House planning I was pleased that I found a way to fit it in whilst working full time. I have since discovered, however, that when anything else gets piled into the mix, an hour and a half each morning is not enough. Add in pressure to do amazing things on my weekends because I am lucky enough to be spending summer in another country, and then the need to move out of my apartment in Sydney (from San Francisco) and there goes my hour and a half each morning. And a whole lot of my evenings too.

But, I did not lose heart. I did feel incredibly bad but I did not throw the towel in. Here are some of the things I did to keep motivated if I could not actually make progress on the plans:

  1. Talked about it. To anyone who would listen. Turns out quite a few people are interested. I found that by talking about it, not only did it renew my enthusiasm and passion for making the project a reality, but by telling as many people as I could that I was going to do it, it felt like there was no way I couldn’t do it.

  2. Drooled over Google Images. Working out trailer dimensions and hunting down trailer manufacturers feels like hard work. Googling “Tiny House interiors” images just doesn’t feel like work. So that became my brain-break. Even though I wasn’t noting stuff down I was still getting inspired.

  3. Took screenshots with Evernote. This is really part b) of the above. Install Evernote and the Chrome Evernote plug-in and you can take a screenshot quickly and add it to your Tiny House Evernote notebook in a couple of seconds. Inspiration now saved.

  4. Worked out my critical path. By considering the things that I knew would take time to order and had the propensity to screw my timing up I could prioritise those I really could not let slide. My critical path includes:

  • Ordering the trailer (and this also means finalising size and finding a trailer manufacturer)

  • Ordering windows (custom ones will take longer to deliver)

  • Finding a build site (can’t be done too far in advance either)

5. Tracked my Project. I work in agile software development, so I created a scrum board in Trello. All this means is that you list out all the jobs to be done and put them in buckets – To Do, In Progress, Done. This gives you a sense that you are on top of everything, and a sense that you are progressing, even if nothing has been built yet.

And then last, but not least, plan how you are going to get back on track. I knew I had a free weekend coming up so I said no to all other offers and planned to work on Tiny House all weekend. Its my first free weekend in a month but at least I knew I’d get my claws back in this weekend. And I did. I made the following decisions:

  • House length – 20 feet (or 6.1m).

  • Layout of front door – French doors on side.

  • Layout of bathroom.

  • Size of fridge (not bar fridge).

  • No washing machine.

I’ll talk about how I came to those decisions a bit later. But that took me 9 hours of planning today. Well that’s 2 cards moved into the Done bucket.

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